JBG Series Rebar Rib-stripping and Thread Rolling
Product name:JBG-40A Rebar Thread Rolling Machine
Scope of application:
Product details

Product description:

JBG-40A steel bar straight thread thread rolling machine is a special equipment for rolling straight thread joints of steel bars: it is mainly used for processing HRB335, HRB400 and RRB400 ribbed steel bars with a diameter of 40mm from Phi to Phi in concrete structures. It has the advantages of simple operation, convenience, quickness, no open fire, no pollution, all-weather construction, etc. The joint quality can reach the requirements of Class I and Class II joints in JGJ107-2016 "Code for Mechanical Connection of Steel Bars" and JG163-2013 "Rolling Straight Threaded Steel Bars Joint". At the same time, it has the advantages of steel saving and low cost, and has wide application prospect and obvious economic and social benefits.

Main features:

JBG-40A type steel bar rib stripping and rolling straight thread machine tool can complete rib stripping and rolling thread processing by one-time clamping. The rolling head of this machine is designed with spiral angle rise, which is labor-saving, easy to operate, compact in structure, reliable in operation, few in spare parts, and has a unique automatic cutter opening and closing mechanism. Within the diameter range of 16 mm from Phi to 40 mm from Phi, the positioning can be freely adjusted by using the positioning disc. The processed thread profile is full, with minimal taper and high dimensional accuracy. It can be used to process positive thread or reverse thread.

Main technical parameters:

1. Diameter range of processed steel bar: Phi 16-Phi 40 mm

2. Main motor power: 4.5KW

3. Auxiliary power supply: 3-phase 380V 50Hz.

4. Spindle speed: 68-75r/min

5. Maximum processing length: 65mm

6. Weight: 315kg

Preparation before use:

1, connect the power cord, machine tool connected to the ground wire, the power supply is three-phase 380V, 50HZ.

2. Fill the coolant tank with sufficient water-soluble coolant (refueling coolant is strictly prohibited).

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